Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Idea Is Coming~

Hi there everybody~

Although it is loooooonnnngg overdue, but i wanna wish u all a happy new year~
And may your new year resolutions will be fulfilled for this year..
coz my last year's resolutions were out in the bins ;p

"ugh~ too many resolutions, too few bins~"

new ideas are coming~
below are a few examples of what i am going to put in my future entries.

"I like reading and posing at the same time. Its my natural talent"

This is what we called a relationship-committed person. Dating in the woods, at night. Genius much?

If u want more, then, please stay tuned for the next post :)

[dun givvup on me readers~]

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dora el Explorador

Hola everyone ~
Cómo es usted ? [how r u]
Muchos gracias for stopping by today =)

Hoy [today], I would like to talk about "Dora El Explorador"... the all time feveret cartoon..huwa huwa..

To start off, I would like to say that Dora is the most cutest gal on earth [not being pedophile no..certainly am not]..haha..just kidding, or is it, lets see some photos of her :-

"Hola, me llamo Dora, y yo adoro playas" dice Dora

"Dop pehe? hoh, alop, namo kawe Doghaa, kawe suko lako kek pantei" kecek Dogha daleng Klate...

13 tahun setengah kemudian,

"OoooOlllLLlllaaAa~ Rosalinda aya mor makan taco, spaghetti, paella, meatballs, pavlova dll banyak2 " ujar Foxy Dora dengan gayanya yang sassy.

[no translation required]

Ok ok..on a more serious note, let's get to know Dora better. Based on wikipedia, Dora is a young girl who embarks on a trip in order to locate something or help somebody [mostly animals, macam cerite Wonderpets]. Dora has a positive view of the characters she meets, failing even to hold a grudge against the sly fox, Swiper, who continually attempts to steal items from her party.

Also, she has a hairy pet called Boots the Monkey. He is friendly and enthusiastic, and usually wears nothing [naked in a positive manner] but his beloved red boots, hence his name. Also not to forget, Dora's map and backpack which play major roles in supporting Dora's exploration.

Mmm..however, since Dora the Explorer only targets young viewers, aged 3 - 12 [mude ker?], I would love to see Dora in a more serious Mega-Movies, so it will be less awkward for me to like her..hehehe..Especially in the afternoon at Adik di-9 "Dekat di Hati" sessions, it is very embarrassing for me to watch while waiting for my younger sister to get back from school.

Let's see how Dora acts in blockbuster movies :-


THE PILATE KID [instead of The Karate Kid]

So, seeing these trailers, do you like Dora now ?? Coz I doooo...

hahaha..the moral of today post is I HART DORA.
Not just because she is cute and bubbly, but also her courage, fearless and optimistic attitude. I want to have those attitudes as well..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boom bOOm PoW

To start, I want you guys to guest the topic of my next entry based on the title...hehehe..
[planning to be interactive with my fellow readers since this blog is RARELY updated~ heheh..sorry ya~

"Ambo kato sori sokmo lor nih, aku lestik kang" ujar Bart Kelate

For this post, I would like to share my thoughts about memories.

Memories, in psychology point of view, is an organism's ability to store, retain, and recall information. However, I believe there is more to it rather than just human cognitive ability. Memories are somewhat more complex and toilsome to be fully understood since they constantly vary as a function of feelings, emotions, and obviously genetics.

Enough with the technical standpoint, now I would like to divvy up my opinion on memories.
I am sure that everyone would have memories they treasured dearly, as well as those that they want to erase from their minds, coz I do too.

The memory I treasured the most is when I received my SPM slip in 2006. Seeing how proud my mother was, how she dressed up nicely to come to SMSS just in case to be interviewed [hahaha..but her wish came true as she was interviewed by TV 3 people, all thanx to Pn. Roslina who pulled her to be in front of the camera] really makes me smile from ear to ear.

And for the memory I truly despise, until the extent that I wish the memory-deleter in MIB exist so that I can use to efface those memories, well, none.

I want to live my life, carrying my memories with me.
Even if those memories are painful,
Even if those memories do nothing but hurt me,
Even those memories I wish I could forget.

As long as I keep carrying them with me, and try not to avoid them, someday, someday, I believe that I will get to the point where I am not oppressed by those memories. And that is what I want to believe. I would like to think that there's not a single memory that I have which would be okay to forget.

Especially those memories where my friends and I squabbles and get mad with each other, as for example the 'settle' and the batch-meeting in smss, the disagreement here and there in Adelaide, as I believe that these made us more bonded to each other.

Holistically, the moral of this post is no matter the memory, I want to be sure to hold it to my heart, and go on believing. And to end, I wish you a happy memory reading this post. Tee hee.. bye bye.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm BbbAaAccKkkK~

Hullo folks (if ure there),

It has been decades (or so I felt) since i updated my blog~
Guessing that writing is not my cup of tea .. mm ..


I am in my final year rite now..yeay..hip hip hooray hip hip hooray..

"b-e-a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e b-e-a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e , fauzee, be aggressive, be aggressive! yeay"

And speaking of being in final year, my final year project has commenced. We are doing research on the characterization of the fluvial environment associated with the geochoke phenomena..interesting rite?

I am not going to share the content of the report here, however, I will share with you guys about how I felt while conducting the research.

First of all, there is only soo much material can be found anywhere since, in my opinion, this is a rather new topic discussed in the oil industry. And since we have to come up with new methods to characterize this, it has been a *****.

Secondly, with all the short courses and presentations, a lot of journals and papers I have to read and this is taxing both emotionally and physically. Less time spend on tv & games, preparing food and I mean proper food, etc. etc. Although there are less classes if compared to the previous years, however, the work load is almost double (exaggerated for dramatic purposes)

Lastly, I felt homesick..hahha..I just wanna get this done, and go home~ 6 more months (insyaAllah) and I will graduate..yiipppee..can't wait..
However, the suffering does not end here. After finish studying, job's wrath will be bestowed upon me..Hopefully I get accepted into ******** (nama perlu dirahsiakan) because if not, job hunting will add more stress into my already-stressful-life.

"Lepas habis skoloh, kite kene keje wahai Si Beruk" ujar Dora.
"Lor, laguh tu ke, baru nak ajok gi clubbing ngan karoake" balas Si Beruk.

"Come on, vamonos. Everybody let's go. Come on, let's get to it. I know that we can do it"
"Where are we going" "Carik kijo"
"What are we doing" "Buak kije"


Okay guys, sorry for the poor formating. I dunno how to adjust it.

The moral of the story is our struggle with studies does not end when we is an ongoing tasks and believe me, will become more challenging in the future. I hope u guys enjoy this post..please leave a comment..

chow cin cau

Friday, November 20, 2009

I've Had It.

Hullo folks,

First of all, I've decided to revert back my writing to English years of me living in California (in my dreams of course) teaches me that English is easier...tee hee (plus i can practice my writing skills)...

Secondly, owh yes, (back to the original mood which was angry), I really had reached the limit of my patience today. I mean seriously. I've had it. You wanna know why I am angry? You wanna know why am I upset? You wanna know why why why why?? ..hehehe..

"Abang Fauzee, knaper marah2 nih...tak cool la camnih ~"
"Bukan marah2 dik, bengang wacakap lu~"

Okay la..I'll explain it to you guys k..

Starting from event A,

I know some people say that I am handsome. and some might say I am cute. And some people even give me nicknames such as "Machomel" which is pronounced as Mc Homel and the most common one is "SiComelPintar". I just wanna say that I know I am handsome and everything but, for me, being utterly humble, I believe I am all those things because of my "killer smile"

" Amacam, membunuh tak senyuman Colgate nih ? .. hihihi .. "

But, for 3 days now, I can't show my "murderer" smile to anybody. I can smile but cannot kill. hmpph.. this is all because of my mouth ulcer..sigh..mouth ulcer, or scientifically known as oral ulcer is the loss or erosion of part of the delicate tissue that lines the inside of the mouth (mucous membrane). And the kick is, I believed that I have Aphthous ulcers which are recurring ulcers with no known cause that affect around 20 per cent of the population. I am in that 20 % population. Seriously, just last week, I had 3 multiple ulcers in my mouth and now 1 big, burning lobe of ulcer at my lower lip.

"Barnacles..dalam air laut pun bole kene ulcer..~" ujar Spongebob

Seriously, to talk, to eat, to drink, to brush teeth, to smile and everything involving mouth is killing me. ..

So the moral of the story is, please take care of your mouth by regularly (like 3 times a day) brush your teeth, I do btw, rinse with warm water, drink plenty of fluid, and jangan mengumpat..hahaha..just kidding..

Alrite folks, please leave a comment or if u don't want to, please pray my ulcer will go away. Welcoming any suggestions ok~ ta