Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Idea Is Coming~

Hi there everybody~

Although it is loooooonnnngg overdue, but i wanna wish u all a happy new year~
And may your new year resolutions will be fulfilled for this year..
coz my last year's resolutions were out in the bins ;p

"ugh~ too many resolutions, too few bins~"

new ideas are coming~
below are a few examples of what i am going to put in my future entries.

"I like reading and posing at the same time. Its my natural talent"

This is what we called a relationship-committed person. Dating in the woods, at night. Genius much?

If u want more, then, please stay tuned for the next post :)

[dun givvup on me readers~]


  1. hahah. i almost gave up on you fauzi!

  2. dun givvup on me~ lepas nih kompem meletup2 nyer entry..haha

  3. hahaha...dora the explorer dah xd

  4. pamek, teach me bout nuffnang, tak reti la guner code2 nih..