Sunday, April 5, 2009

When Everything Seems Not Enough

I have always dreamt to be a rich guy where I can buy and shop whenever and wherever I want.

Recently, we bought a PS 2, which has been one of the things I wanted to have here, at a very CHEAP price...mmm..actually quite cheap la...or its cheap...anyways..we played Tekken 5, Buzz, and lots and lots of Singstar [ which most high scores are dominated by the ever handsome and kind Fauzee Mazuki..hehehe...]

Wanna know the secret of his success ?

Do you know the "fart voice" ? [or known as "suara kentut"...]
It is a voice that is produced by just blowing air to the throat and control the pitching by using our belly. It is easier to control it to follow the tone of the song, thus, obtaining high score, just like me... ;p

The physics behind this is the property of voice which we call pitch is determined by the rate of vibration of the vocal cords. The greater the number of vibrations per second, the higher the pitch. The rate of vibration, in turn, is determined by the length and thickness of the vocal cords and by the tightening or relaxation of these cords ; this is where your belly comes into action. [ useful aite ?]

There are a lot more of other things I wanted in this world such as iPhone, touch-screen laptop, Samsung Omnia, Final Fantasy X ( which I saw earlier on ebay..only AUD 50... ), PS 3, a big dog, huge mansion, Ferrari, aroma diffuser, PA, a maid, a korean girlfriend such as Solbi or Son Dambi or both, to act in Hollywood, along with Pn. Kritstin Kreuk, pergi Haji and Umrah and etc. etc. sigh ~ [ hint : this list can also be used as a reference for my birthday presents..especially to those who are planning to give for my previous know who you are ].

But the fact is, not all the things we wanted we will get, not all the things we hoped will come true and not all the things we dream of will be realized.

The moral of today is we have to be thankful with the things we had. After all, these are just temporary. It is when we are not being thankful, the whole content of the world seems not enough. We will always be wanting more and more and at the end, we will be at lost.

p.s : this post is completed with the inspiring insights from -puding caramel-