Friday, November 20, 2009

I've Had It.

Hullo folks,

First of all, I've decided to revert back my writing to English years of me living in California (in my dreams of course) teaches me that English is easier...tee hee (plus i can practice my writing skills)...

Secondly, owh yes, (back to the original mood which was angry), I really had reached the limit of my patience today. I mean seriously. I've had it. You wanna know why I am angry? You wanna know why am I upset? You wanna know why why why why?? ..hehehe..

"Abang Fauzee, knaper marah2 nih...tak cool la camnih ~"
"Bukan marah2 dik, bengang wacakap lu~"

Okay la..I'll explain it to you guys k..

Starting from event A,

I know some people say that I am handsome. and some might say I am cute. And some people even give me nicknames such as "Machomel" which is pronounced as Mc Homel and the most common one is "SiComelPintar". I just wanna say that I know I am handsome and everything but, for me, being utterly humble, I believe I am all those things because of my "killer smile"

" Amacam, membunuh tak senyuman Colgate nih ? .. hihihi .. "

But, for 3 days now, I can't show my "murderer" smile to anybody. I can smile but cannot kill. hmpph.. this is all because of my mouth ulcer..sigh..mouth ulcer, or scientifically known as oral ulcer is the loss or erosion of part of the delicate tissue that lines the inside of the mouth (mucous membrane). And the kick is, I believed that I have Aphthous ulcers which are recurring ulcers with no known cause that affect around 20 per cent of the population. I am in that 20 % population. Seriously, just last week, I had 3 multiple ulcers in my mouth and now 1 big, burning lobe of ulcer at my lower lip.

"Barnacles..dalam air laut pun bole kene ulcer..~" ujar Spongebob

Seriously, to talk, to eat, to drink, to brush teeth, to smile and everything involving mouth is killing me. ..

So the moral of the story is, please take care of your mouth by regularly (like 3 times a day) brush your teeth, I do btw, rinse with warm water, drink plenty of fluid, and jangan mengumpat..hahaha..just kidding..

Alrite folks, please leave a comment or if u don't want to, please pray my ulcer will go away. Welcoming any suggestions ok~ ta

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jeritan Batinku

Di sana ku dengar jeritan..di sini ku dengar tempikan..
Di dalam jiwa pula ku dengar rontaan..
Senang cerita , di mana2 saja aku dengar teriak.

Alangkah aman dunia ini jika semua orang mampu bersabar dan toleransi.
Kurang sedikit pencemaran bunyi di dunia ini.

ps : Pencemaran bunyi diklasifikasikan sebagai bunyi yang melebihi 80 dB

Firman Allah pada (A-li'imraan 200) yang bermaksud :

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Bersabarlah kamu (menghadapi segala kesukaran dalam mengerjakan perkara-perkara yang berkebajikan),dan kuatkanlah kesabaran kamu (lebih daripada kesabaran musuh, di medan perjuangan), dan bersedialah (dengan kekuatan pertahanan di daerah-daerah sempadan) serta bertakwalah kamu kepada Allah, supaya kamu berjaya (mencapai kemenangan)"

Tapi memang sukar nak tahan diri ini, dari perasaan sedih bukan kepalang, marah tak tentu arah, dengki mendengki, dan macam2 lagi la perasaan negatif nih. Lagi2 bila ada masalah di sana sini, domestik mahupun international.

Secara holistiknya, saya ingin menyusun sepuluh jari meminta maaf yang menjadi mangsa kerakusan perasaan ini. Seharusnya ingat, kita yang patut mengawal perasaan, not the other way around.

Saya mahu menjadi orang yang sangat bersabar sehingga :

(Iaitu) orang-orang yang apabila mereka ditimpa oleh sesuatu kesusahan, mereka berkata : "sesungguhnya kami adalah kepunyaan Allah dan kepada Allah jualah kami kembali" (Al-Baqarah 156)

ps : amacam? ni post pertama dalam bm..maner lagi best?? silalah komen..or due2 tak best??!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The inconvenient truth about exams...

Exams have been a norm in our live. It started when we were still in the kindergarten until now.
However the length of break for each exams differ from one another, getting shorter and shorter. For the argument sake, lets only consider the major exams in our live [ or for some of us who studied in Malaysia ]

Ujian Penilaian Seragam Rendah, UPSR : Standard 1 - 6. So a total of 6 years
Penilaian Menengah Rendah, PMR : Form 1 - 3. A total of 3 years
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, SPM : Form 4 - 5. A total of 2 years
South Australia Matriculation, SAM : ... 1 year....

And now in University, every 6 months...


These exams are really tiring..
And after a few months of break, new sem will start and we will learn new things .
I am not sure that my brain could memorize or at least recall the last materials. As my chemistry teacher, Pn. Irene [nama sebenar] said, when we learn new things, new dandrites will form in our brain, overlapping the previous one. And when this occur, we will forget the things we learn before. To ensure that it stays, we should revise it within 24 hours upon learning it, then read it back after 48 hours, 72 hours and so on. Practice this, and u will (Insya Allah) remember more things .( hehehe...teringat pasal the Aha moment..for those who tak tau..sile rujuk my last post )

One last thing, I think for my future post, I will write it in Bahasa Melayu la...


owh owh..
As I usually end my post, the moral of the story is we should stay rajin 24/7 . Although it sounds ridiculous, but that is our job as students. This is the inconvenient truth about exams.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The "Aha" moment...


No no no...scratch that..its been awhile, so a proper introduction must be made...

Assalamualaikum [that's better..aite?]

Dear fans [kui3...that's funny],

I know..some might say that this blog had "bersawang"..and i know that some might say that this blog is history...lalalala...the thing is..there is no inspiration to write la..that's why I sigh earlier...
To find inspirations are difficult, put aside the hardship to put it in words..So, please don't mind the broken english and anything that breaks after this..
[Bersawang sebab spider man singgah k...spiderman follow blog ni]

Speaking of no inspirations, ironically, it gives me an inspiration to write this post.

How do people find inspirations? Is it just a mere luck or is it a result of long training? Is it a gift to certain people or is it prescribed in everyone's DNA, waiting to be unraveled? Is it ... mmmm ... is it inducible by nature or can we force it to pop in our mind?

To answer these ridiculous-made-by-me questions, let us inspect our brains, a complex organ enclosed in the cranium which is the center of the human nervous system..

Sape yang tertinggal otak nih..bole claim kat sini k..

To start, let me use a stereotype introduction.

Mmmehemm [clearing throat..]

I am 100% sure that everyone have stumble upon, from time to time, the scenario when the solution to a complex problem suddenly strikes out of thin air, providing an insight into something we've never understood before. Cognitive scientists call it the "Aha!" experience or Latinically speaking [hehehe..perkataan rekaan], the "Eureka!" moment.
[Sila rujuk buku sasbadi fizik bab daya apungan untuk ketahui lebih lanjut tentang Eureka]

Based on my findings after reading lots of lots of mind stuff (regardless of my approaching exams), many scientists had believed there's no fundamental difference between that Aha experience and any other cognitive process however, a few had found evidence that the moment when insight strikes is very different indeed.

Two different brain imaging techniques have revealed that a specific area of the brain "lights up" when the Aha moment arrives.

The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging, which allowed them to determine which parts of the brain were active, in the first of two experiments. Part of the brain "lit up" when the participants experienced Aha, but not when they didn't. The increased activity was observed in part of the right temporal lobe (the anterior superior temporal gyrus.)


I know that more research should be carried out to answer my exagerated-mind-numbing questions...Actually, what I've wrote is nothing near to answering the questions..But right now, my mind is surely not in the so-called "Aha" moment cause the only thing i can think is sleep...zzz..

So, as I usually wrap a post, the moral of the story is human mind is really really really complex. A 5 hour of reading journals and articles in the internet about mind and brain only makes me more confuse and dazzled than I already am and it makes me hungry...And let us pray that the "Aha" moment will come to us during the exams..