Monday, March 30, 2009

Life Is A Test

This is my first post in blogspot, so please comment and give your views on how i can improve on my writing . [if anyone reads it ;p]

Today, 29th March is one of the best weekend I've ever had in Adelaide. With my best friends namely Khai, Hazerq, Syed and Ringgo, we had heaps of fun and joyous moments at the kite festival in Semaphore Beach.

Aside playing Cha-Cha with Ringgo-san, the chatting, the singing, the kampai~ing (cheers in Japan) and the kutuk~ing with the others really make my day. Though money flows like the water at the beach and the time flies like the kite in the sky, the day gets better and better. I felt so happy and a bit of high (not sure whether its high or hi) until I remember I have a test tommorow~aaarrrggghhh . Production Engineering with Dr. Motiur Rahman (nama sebenar) has been really a not-so-great moment in my studies ~sigh .

Later that night, the Swinging Bowl princess, the daughter of Pn. Shanam, cooked paprik with the help of khai, syed and ME. The latter has caused soooo much trouble that the people won't stop eating as if the latter had put in a handful of cocaine, a pinch of ecstasy, a spoonful of Lysergic Acid Diethyl amide and a bottle of marijuana but actually, the truth is out there [actually, the secret is we start with basmallah and a bit of smile and love during the process ].

However, this is not the happy ending I wanted it to be. I have a midnight oil that should be burned, but I was too heavy to find the matches since my tummy is full with chicken paprik and rasberry juice ~ sigh. I wish my midnight oil is colorful like the one in the picture so that my study will be interesting but somebody has emptied my cooking oil so I have to use the electronic desk lamp. [more crapping]. Nooooooo!!! It is now 10.11 pm and I just read until page 9 ... crap.. This spells disaster for tomorrow.

Anyways, this is my first attempt to compose a blog and I am pleased with it.

The moral of today is life is full with test. Educations tests, friendship tests, love tests (WTH), test ~ is (PG 18 - only for mature readers). Hold on, life is a test. So lets try our best to succeed with the life given by God. We only live once ~