Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm BbbAaAccKkkK~

Hullo folks (if ure there),

It has been decades (or so I felt) since i updated my blog~
Guessing that writing is not my cup of tea .. mm ..


I am in my final year rite now..yeay..hip hip hooray hip hip hooray..

"b-e-a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e b-e-a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e , fauzee, be aggressive, be aggressive! yeay"

And speaking of being in final year, my final year project has commenced. We are doing research on the characterization of the fluvial environment associated with the geochoke phenomena..interesting rite?

I am not going to share the content of the report here, however, I will share with you guys about how I felt while conducting the research.

First of all, there is only soo much material can be found anywhere since, in my opinion, this is a rather new topic discussed in the oil industry. And since we have to come up with new methods to characterize this, it has been a *****.

Secondly, with all the short courses and presentations, a lot of journals and papers I have to read and this is taxing both emotionally and physically. Less time spend on tv & games, preparing food and I mean proper food, etc. etc. Although there are less classes if compared to the previous years, however, the work load is almost double (exaggerated for dramatic purposes)

Lastly, I felt homesick..hahha..I just wanna get this done, and go home~ 6 more months (insyaAllah) and I will graduate..yiipppee..can't wait..
However, the suffering does not end here. After finish studying, job's wrath will be bestowed upon me..Hopefully I get accepted into ******** (nama perlu dirahsiakan) because if not, job hunting will add more stress into my already-stressful-life.

"Lepas habis skoloh, kite kene keje wahai Si Beruk" ujar Dora.
"Lor, laguh tu ke, baru nak ajok gi clubbing ngan karoake" balas Si Beruk.

"Come on, vamonos. Everybody let's go. Come on, let's get to it. I know that we can do it"
"Where are we going" "Carik kijo"
"What are we doing" "Buak kije"


Okay guys, sorry for the poor formating. I dunno how to adjust it.

The moral of the story is our struggle with studies does not end when we is an ongoing tasks and believe me, will become more challenging in the future. I hope u guys enjoy this post..please leave a comment..

chow cin cau


  1. hahah,part "please leave a comment" tu mcm ibab je...hahahax...well,very well written indeed,i cant say it better about the workloads~! So,all the silence in this blog before sbb ko tgh prepare post ni ke?hehe..part beruk n vanomos tu lawak gak,neway dorng ckp bahasa ape?mcm kelantan+utara+terengganu...muahahhax..keep on posting!

  2. hoho..mereke ni mix espaniol with a pinch of orang utara siet, kelantang siket and ganu siket..1 malaysia kan..hehehehe..

    haha..tu lagu tema jorang..vanomos amigo..hahahah

  3. most of our friends dah keje,then some dah final year.aku not even halfway through my studies.medic dah suck the life out of me.mungkin umur 50 tahun baru boleh berumah dan berkereta sendiri.selamat maju jaya.tinggalkanlah aku di belakang T_T

  4. "please leave a comment" lol! aku setuju dgn khai, x leh blah part tu haha.

    mmg betul. life after graduation is very challenging :X mujur aku ade back-up plan keke. aku harap korg sume dpt keje dgn ********.

    geochoke tu ape weh? mcm nama pokemon je hahaha

  5. hatim : oouuwwhh..don be sad, once u work, mesti kaya raya la..feymes tu dr..not to mention dapat pahala..ko balik msia bile weyh?

    syed : doakan k..geochoke tu bile reservoir tu ade negative skin without the presence of fracture..biasanye associated dgn fluvial env. hahaha..

  6. I feel u with the final year report pojie. Stressful!! Haha Syed, aah, Geochoke tu evolve dr Geodude ke? Thank god thesis aku x focus on Geology..I fcuking hate Geo. Anyways Goodluck ok. Keep on posting.

  7. patik sgt gemar dialog2 dlm entry2 tuanku. lucu lah. izinkan patik ketawa berdekah dekah. hah hah haa.

  8. anonymous : mmm..i'm wondering who u r..hahaha..neways thanks..

    sarah : beta izinkan..hahaha..gelak lagi gelak lagi..beta x cakap berhenti, gelak..kalau tak nanti kene tulah beta..huwa huwa huwa

  9. I like what you wrote it is so funny and so true. the good news is after few weeks it is gonna be over