Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boom bOOm PoW

To start, I want you guys to guest the topic of my next entry based on the title...hehehe..
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"Ambo kato sori sokmo lor nih, aku lestik kang" ujar Bart Kelate

For this post, I would like to share my thoughts about memories.

Memories, in psychology point of view, is an organism's ability to store, retain, and recall information. However, I believe there is more to it rather than just human cognitive ability. Memories are somewhat more complex and toilsome to be fully understood since they constantly vary as a function of feelings, emotions, and obviously genetics.

Enough with the technical standpoint, now I would like to divvy up my opinion on memories.
I am sure that everyone would have memories they treasured dearly, as well as those that they want to erase from their minds, coz I do too.

The memory I treasured the most is when I received my SPM slip in 2006. Seeing how proud my mother was, how she dressed up nicely to come to SMSS just in case to be interviewed [hahaha..but her wish came true as she was interviewed by TV 3 people, all thanx to Pn. Roslina who pulled her to be in front of the camera] really makes me smile from ear to ear.

And for the memory I truly despise, until the extent that I wish the memory-deleter in MIB exist so that I can use to efface those memories, well, none.

I want to live my life, carrying my memories with me.
Even if those memories are painful,
Even if those memories do nothing but hurt me,
Even those memories I wish I could forget.

As long as I keep carrying them with me, and try not to avoid them, someday, someday, I believe that I will get to the point where I am not oppressed by those memories. And that is what I want to believe. I would like to think that there's not a single memory that I have which would be okay to forget.

Especially those memories where my friends and I squabbles and get mad with each other, as for example the 'settle' and the batch-meeting in smss, the disagreement here and there in Adelaide, as I believe that these made us more bonded to each other.

Holistically, the moral of this post is no matter the memory, I want to be sure to hold it to my heart, and go on believing. And to end, I wish you a happy memory reading this post. Tee hee.. bye bye.


  1. auww, this is the first entry which involve a bit of emotion, not just purely science...sgt meng"touch" kn my heart la..hahax

  2. jap jap, ak lupe nk jd apart of the interactive reader-blogger interaction tu, my guess is : gotta get get?hahax, sbb smbgn bom bom pow or karoeke & fauzee?

  3. achy-breaky heart~

    vewy gooouudd~ hahaha..u r gonna get get, but whut r gettin? [jeng jeng jeng...]

    haha.. u r getting a mind-blowing next entry .. hahaha...

  4. anywayz~

    still welcoming any other guesses
    [krik krik krik...]

    =( hahahaha..